What Kind of Advice Should You Seek from Car Dealerships When Considering Fuel Efficient Hybrids?


Hybrid and all-electric cars are interesting, new and offer some significant costs savings. Now with all of that stated, it is important to remember one key fact; they are still cars! Many of the basic factors that apply to cars in general will also carry over to hybrid and all-electric cars. The bottom line is that many of the issues that would impact you regarding any car purchase will still be applicable where hybrids and all-electric cars are concerned.

In this article, we will explore the kind of advice that you should be seeking from your car dealership. Hybrids are new and, as a result, you may feel that you know less about them than you do about gasoline powered cars. Luckily, car dealers are on top of this; after all, they sell them!

Which One is the Most Reliable?

When it comes to buying a hybrid car or an all electric car, finding one that is reliable is key. For most car buyers, reliability is always at the top of the list, and hybrids should not be any different. Don't become so blinded by the miles per gallon issues that you don't think about how trustworthy your car will be. While there are not hundreds of different hybrid cars and all-electric cars on the market right now, you do have choices, and you want to pick the car that is most likely to stay on the road and not be in the shop!

Warranty Issues

Hybrids and all electric cars are different. As a result, you should take a moment and consider what, if any warranty issues, you need to be aware of before proceeding. Your car dealer stands as the perfect person to ask about such issues.

What About Those High-Tech Hybrid Batteries Anyway?

Some of the hybrid and all-electric cars have had battery issues. It might be a good idea to learn more about hybrid batteries from your car dealer. Again, they are the experts on these new cars and can likely give you a world of information about what you should expect in the future. Another important issue you might want to discuss with them is the issue of battery life and what is involved in replacing a battery in the future.

Overview of Questions to Ask Your Dealer About Hybrids

  1. What is the gas mileage
  2. How long will the battery last?
  3. What is the warranty
  4. Which hybrid is the most reliable?
  5. What are the safety features?

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