How to Negotiate With a Car Dealer


In the Canadian car-buying scene, negotiation is par for the course. With the right approach, you can often chip away at the sticker price, even if it's only by a couple of hundred dollars. Stepping into a local dealership? Here's a quick rundown to bolster your confidence at the negotiating table...

Effective negotiations with your car dealer can slash the vehicle’s overall price, trim down monthly payments, and sometimes bag you enticing add-ons or extras.

Ready to negotiate a car deal? It's not just about haggling; it's about preparation...

6 Tips to Negotiate on a Car Deal

1. Knowledge is Key: Start by delving into everything about the vehicle you fancy—its make, model, wholesale, and retail values. Dive into reviews and compare prices online. If it's a slow-selling model, there’s room for negotiation, but a popular one might have less.

2. Connect with the Manager: After researching, ring up multiple dealerships and request to chat with the sales manager. Express your intent to buy and ensure the best deal. This shows commitment and builds rapport. Make sure the vehicle you want is available at the dealership.

3. Use the Vehicle History Report: For a used car, get the vehicle history report. This report from CARFAX Canada unveils any recalls or defects. Knowing the car’s history can be a powerful bargaining chip. A professional inspection by a mechanic could also help in negotiations.

4. Keep it Cool: When negotiations start, maintain your composure. Even if you’re excited about the car, keep a poker face. Stay calm and composed to maintain negotiation leverage.

5. Be Willing to Walk Away: Let the dealer know you'll only sign if the deal meets your target. Politely decline any offers that don't align and be prepared to leave.

6. Timing is Everything: If an agreement seems far off, try reaching out to the dealership on the month's last day. Dealerships often feel the squeeze to meet monthly goals then, potentially making them more open to finalizing a deal.

Arm yourself with these tactics to negotiate your car deal smartly, securing the best possible outcome for your purchase.

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