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At Car Loans Canada, we find you the lowest rate possible for your Auto Loan, with easy payment options.


Car Loans Canada Benefits


Easy Payment Options

You can make your payments monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. Just let us know!


$0 Down Options

We offer $0 Down Car Loans.


Open Ended Loans

You can make lump sum payments Or pay off your loan in full, anytime. Penalty Free.

Getting a car financed doesn’t need to be stressful

         Whether  you have perfect credit, are unsure, have credit blemishes or bankruptcy, we will get you the best approval at the lowest rate for your car.

Upon completeing our application you’ll be contacted to discuss your eligibility and given recommendations based on your finances and vehicular needs. We wanna find a solution that works for YOU.


There are three overall components that make up a Car Loan in Canada:

A car loan is a secured loan, which means it’s backed by collateral. In this case the collateral is the vehicle. As such the value of the vehicle directly impacts the loan it’s eligible for. So while your eligibility for financing is a big part of your loan, the car itself can also impact the loan details

The Term

The length of time that you will be making payments towards the total loan. Automotive loan terms in Canada range between 12 and 96 months. Remember that while longer terms can decrease the monthly payments, they come at the cost of higher interest rates. It’s reccomended to stick to 60-72 months at most if possible.

The Vehicle

This is the total amount that your paying for the car that your having financed. This includes all fees, taxes and any accessories or additional options you may have added to the purchase.

The Interest Rate

This is the interest rate the lender is charging you for the loan. Your Bill of Sale also shows what the total cost of borrowing over your chosen term is. So the total amount of interest over the term length plus the principal amount. Car loans include simple interest only, which means it’s calculated on the principle only.

Find out what loan rates you can qualify for!


What do you need to complete your loan?

Payment Details

A void cheque or pre-authorization payment form from your bank will be required in order to finalize your payment transfers.

Income Information

While employment income is preferred, many of our applicants receive income from their pension, disability and other sources. Proof of income may be requested.

Driver’s License

A valid driver’s license fromt the province you are living in is required.

Home Address

You must have proof of a valid Canadian address that matches the address on your Driver’s License such as a bill or an additional piece of identification.

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