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How is auto insurance calculated?

Canadian car insurance companies determine insurance premiums based on a few things. The first is what’s known as the CLEAR system. CLEAR stands for Canadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating. It’s an accurate and credible system that assesses actual claim loss experiences for each make and model. Other factors include: the cost of the car, where you live, the probability of theft, the engine size and any past driving infractions or accidents on your record.
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Why is auto insurance so expensive?

Insurance fraud is one of the biggest factors leading to expensive car insurance in Canada. Insurance fraud costs over $1.6 billion each year, increasing each Canadians insurance premiums to cover this expense. Another factor is the extreme weather we get in Canada. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, in 2018 severe weather caused $1.9 billion in damage. People are commonly distracted driving, causing more accidents and more claims. As vehicles continue to become more expensive to buy, they’re also becoming more expensive to insure.

 What affects my car insurance Rate?

The type of vehicle you drive
Your age
Your gender
Your marital status
Your driving history
Your address
Frequency of vehicle use
Type of coverage you choose
Your deductible

What is the average car insurance payment a year in Canada?

The average Canadian spends $1,320 annually on car insurance. Here's an annual payment breakdown by province.

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