Will You Really Save Money by Purchasing a Hybrid?


Hybrid vehicles mark a real breakthrough in automotive technology and, in many ways, they haven't received as much attention as they deserved. A hybrid car can work to save drivers a great deal of money among other things, but is this always the case?

If you drive a lot, then you can expect to save a good deal every time you drive. At the core of the hybrid experience and technology is a dramatic increase in fuel efficiency. The cost savings can be extreme for those that are driving a great deal. For example, if you are driving 100 or 200 miles (160 - 321 km) per week buying a hybrid essentially doubles your gas mileage, then you are indeed saving a great deal of money every week. Ten gallons of gas at $3.50 per gallon is $35 per week and that adds up to a staggering $1,820 per year. So if your old car gets 15 miles per gallon and your hybrid gets 35, 40 or even more per gallon, you can expect to see impressive savings.

Now factor those savings over a 5 or 6-year period, and the amount of money you could save on gas alone is enough to make a sizable payment on your next car. There is no way around it, hybrids can and do save money. If you've heard otherwise then you were given faulty information!

There are other ways that hybrids can save you a substantial amount of money. If you are doing mostly city driving and/or making relatively short trips, then hybrids make tremendous sense for you. Drivers who are using their cars for short trips may not even need to switch over to their gasoline engines. This could have massive cost savings for drivers in these situations.

When it comes time to sell your car, you also have an advantage if you opt for a hybrid. Your car will lose its value far more slowly since it is in high demand.

In the end, there are sizable advantages to opting for hybrid cars. The money that you can potentially save is impressive. Most experts believe that gasoline prices are only likely to continue rising until the industry transitions off gasoline powered engines. Hybrids and electric vehicles stand as a great buy and investment.

8 Hybrid Cost Saving Facts

  1. Hybrids will save you money.
  2. No matter how many miles you drive a day or week; you will save each and every time you drive your car.
  3. Hybrids allow for electric-only driving allowing you to bypass the pump entirely.
  4. The cost savings on hybrids can be nothing short of massive over a 4, 5 or 6 year period.
  5. The more you drive, the more you save!
  6. Not all hybrids get the same gas mileage, so look carefully at the statistics.
  7. Hybrids depreciate more slowly since they are in demand
  8. Maintenance on hybrids can often be less expensive

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