GM Recalls 20,000 Chevy Bolt’s in Canada


GM announced recently that they are doing a recall on nearly 20,000 Chevy Bolt’s in Canada. The recall is due to what they say is a battery overheating issue that is a serious health hazard. 

Which Vehicle’s Are Being Recalled?

This vehicle recall applies to two different batches of Chevy Bolts. The first batch is 9,713 Chevrolet Bolt models from 2017 to 2019 and the second batch is from 9,023 Chevrolet Bolt models from 2020 to 2022. While these numbers only apply to Canada, an additional 114,000 Chevrolet Bolts were recalled in the United States. 

Why Are They Being Recalled?

The reason the Chevrolet Bolt’s are being recalled is because they are powered by a high capacity lithium ion battery that runs the risk of overheating if charged by more than 90% capacity. The risk of overheating is high even when the car isn’t actively being charged. Whether the car is being driven or parked, the same risk of overheating remains, making a recall an obvious decision for GM. 

As of today, almost a dozen Bolt fires have been reported due to the overheated battery. Along with those reports, two people have been injured and one house fire was caused. 

How is GM Fixing the Problem?

GM has said that in order to fix the problem they’ll need to replace any battery modules where the modules are deemed defective. GM has said they will cover the costs of repairs to all Bolt owners and the owners will be notified once the parts are available. 

In addition to the free repair, Chevrolet is adding an additional 8 year/160,000km warranty on their new batteries. 

Chevy Bolt Owners: What Do You Do?

Until you’re contacted by Chevrolet that your replacement parts are available, Chevy recommends that you set your vehicle’s charge limit to 90%. Chevy also recommends charging your vehicle more frequently and maintaining a driving range of under 113km. 

The advice given from Chevy regarding charging your vehicle has been updated as well. Initially, drivers were told to avoid parking outdoors, that statement has since been updated. They now say that drivers should park their Bolts outside immediately after charging but the vehicles can be parked indoors otherwise. Chevy also emphasizes that you should never leave your vehicle charging indoors overnight. 

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