The Best Places To Get Winter Tires in Canada


It’s the start of November, now is the time where most Canadians are beginning to think about switching out those summer tires for winter tires. Maybe the winter tires that have been sitting in your garage all summer are needing replacing, if that’s the case, you’re going to want to continue reading this blog! In this article, we’ll talk about when you should replace your winter tires and list the best winter tire deals in Canada for this coming year.

How to Tell If You Need New Winter Tires

The best way to tell if you need new winter tires is by checking the tread on the tires. You can check the tires being doing what’s known as the “toonie test”. Check out the image below when you’re taking a look at your winter tires this month to decide whether you need to invest in a new set!

Canadian Tire Winter Tire Deals 

For the winter of 2021/2022, Canadian Tire is offering a $100 instant rebate when you buy a full set of qualifying winter tires. The tire brands that qualify for the rebate are Michellin, Cooper, Continental and Pirelli. 

If you opt to get all your winter tire services done at Canadian Tire, meaning, purchasing, installing and balancing your tires, you’ll qualify for their 6-year Tire Care Guarantee. With this warranty, you’re covered in the event of a tire puncture and any damage to your vehicle that occurred due to a tire puncture, as well as any manufacturer defects or impact breaks. 

This offer is Canada-wide, if you’re looking for winter tires this season, order online and schedule an appointment over the phone!

Costco Winter Tire Deals

Everybody knows that if you’re looking for a deal, Costco probably has it because they sell just about everything you could think of, winter tires being one of them. Costco tends to rotate on their winter tire deals, as they currently have a deal on Bridgestone winter tires. Right now they’re offering $120 in savings when you buy a set of four Bridgestone winter tires. 

One of the main reasons Costco has become so popular with its winter tire offerings is because of its cheap installation fees, at $19.99 per tire. This fee covers installation, rotation, balancing and flat repairs for the lifetime of that tire. It also includes a mileage, road hazard and manufacturer’s defect warranty. This offer is also available across Canada.

Kal Tire’s Winter Tire Deals 

Kal Tire may not be as well known as Canadian Tire or Costco, but with their instant rebates, they’re certainly a third great option to buy winter tires. They’re offering instant rebates on the following tire manufacturers: Nitto, Nokian, Bridgestone, Continental and Firestone.

On top of the rebates, if you purchase from Kal Tire, you’ll also qualify for their Customer Care Plan. This plan covers you for flat tires, inflation, rotation and balancing every 8,000km for the life of your tires.

Kal Tire also has price matching options on select tires if you can find a cheaper deal at Costco, Canadian Tire or other independent tire retailers. 

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