The Benefits of Buying an Extended Car Warranty from a Car Dealership


Buying an extended car warranty is one of the smarter financial decisions that most people can make when they buy a used car. A car warranty is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure that you will not be saddled with a large car repair bill. Have you ever been on the receiving end of a large car repair bill? If so, then you already know how necessary a car warranty can be. When the car warranty on a car runs out, not having an extended warranty can be nothing short of painful!

Your Car Dealership Has Many Advantages

When it comes to buying an extended car warranty, you do have your options. However, an exceptional argument can be made for the fact that the best option for purchasing a car warranty is to buy it from your car dealer. Why? A car dealership is already in position to help with the repairs of your car. A second reason is that a car dealership is the best place to purchase your extended car warranty is that they already know you and your car. If something does go wrong with your car, you will already have a relationship with your car dealer. More than likely you will also have a good degree of trust in your car dealer as well. Further, they already know what potential issues there could be with your car.

Knowing your car dealer and having an established relationship will help you tremendously if something does go wrong. Likewise, as your car dealer will want to maintain and grow your business, you know that they will try and do a good job in overseeing your repairs.

The Top 4 Reasons You Will Want to Consider Buying Your Extended Car Warranty from a Car Dealership

  1. A car dealership knows your make and model of car and understands what it takes to repair it properly and do so quickly
  2. They already know your particular car and its history
  3. They already have an established relationship with you
  4. Your car dealership will be motivated to do a great job on your car, as they want to keep your business

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