Is it Possible to Save Money on Car Insurance?


Perhaps you've been told that you just can't save money on car insurance. Or maybe you've been told that car insurance companies vary little in terms of their annual prices, but this just isn't accurate.

The bottom line is that it is possible to save a good deal of money by shopping around. That is the good news. By calling different insurance companies and doing research online, it is possible to save a considerable amount of money every month. Those savings can really add up over the course of a year. Now here is the bad news. All of that research can take some serious time.

On one hand, you can definitely save money on insurance. However, on the other hand, finding those cost savings can cost you precious time. Frequently, people give up on looking for the best price on insurance because the process is just too time consuming. For many people, this process is quite irritating as well.

Take Advantage of Your Resources

So what is the solution? Luckily, there is one good solution and it comes in the form of your car dealer. Your local car dealership will be able to give you some good options for insurance, just remember to ask. In all the excitement of buying a car and signing paperwork, it is easy to forget such details as insurance questions. Yet, even if you do forget, don't be shy about calling your local car dealer to ask them follow up questions. Using your car dealer as a resource is a good idea.

Safety Pays Off

There are other ways to save big on your insurance as well. Being a safe driver that avoids accidents and traffic violations is one of the simplest ways to watch your insurance rates drop or keep them low. Insurance companies love safe drivers. The reason that this is the case should be fairly evident. Safe drivers are not in costly accidents! So if you are looking to save money on insurance, then be sure to be safe behind the wheel.

Also you can often get discounts if your car is decked out with safety gear. For example, adding air bags, anti-lock brakes and daytime running lights can reduce your insurance. Additionally, adding a car alarm system can often lower your premiums as well.

A third option for saving money on insurance is to call your insurance company and find out more. Ask them what steps you can take to get your insurance bill lowered. There are some savings that insurance companies offer that most people don't know about. For example, rates drop for seniors and/or retired people.

Being a safe driver could help you lower your insurance bill, but requesting a higher deductible could also lower your bills. Typically, deductibles range from $100- $2500. Of course, if you end up getting into an accident, this strategy could backfire. So be sure to drive safety, and if you have a history of getting into accidents, keep your deductible low.

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