How Much Should You Worry About Your Insurance Rate When Selecting a Car?


If you find yourself on a tight budget, then you will likely be thinking about a variety of additional expenses that come along with owning a car. Let's take a look at a few of the most common car expenses.

Four Car Expenses Virtually All Drivers Face

  1. Gasoline
  2. Wear and tear, such as tires and break pads
  3. Basic maintenance and repair
  4. Car insurance

The type of car you buy can make an impact on all four of the car expenses listed above. A vehicle's make and model can have a significant impact on your insurance premiums. Now this fact may serve to give you pause, but the question is, should it?

That car that you ultimately buy will impact the amount of insurance that you pay. This, of course, is only logical. A more expensive car, for example, could be more costly to repair. Plus, it would definitely be more expensive to replace if you had a serious accident. On the other hand, people that drive minivans and SUVs are less likely to be involved in accidents. Insurance companies know about these various factors, and this is one of the major factors that influence insurance rates and premiums.

A Few of the Most Expensive Cars to InsureThe Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMGBMW ActiveHybrid 750Audi A8 L QuattroJaguar XKR SuperchargedA Few of the Least Expensive Cars to InsureChrysler Town & CountryToyota Sienna minivanHonda Odyssey minivanSubaru Outback

Are You Overlooking the Car You Really Want?

On one hand, drivers on a budget need to be at least relatively concerned with the cost of their car insurance. Yet, on the other hand, if you are too focused on all the practicalities of owning a car, you may not select the right car for you. This means not enjoying your driving experience.

Your insurance premium is important, but selecting a car that you will love is even more important! Keep the following factor in mind- if you select a car that you don't like or one that doesn't give you any particular joy, you might very well end up shopping for a new car much sooner than you might otherwise.

In the end, most of the cars that will be in your price range will likely have a fairly similar insurance rate. With this fact in mind, it is in your best interest to select the car that you are passionate about owning. Choose the car that you know you will like and you aren't very likely to find yourself right back in your car dealer's showroom anytime soon.

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