How To Get The Lowest Price on a New Car in 2020


Everyone is looking for a great deal on a car. In this article, we will give you a few tips that will help you find the car you are looking for and at a price that you can afford. Your options for finding new cars are greater than ever. However, by following the following tricks, you'll have the edge that you need.

Trick One - Don't Just Web Surf

Far too many people are assuming that if the information is out there and available that it will be on the web. This just isn't true. Certainly, a great deal of information makes its way onto the web, but that doesn't mean that it happens instantly. Just as every home that is on the market isn't listed online, the same exact thing can be stated for cars as well. While there are plenty of cars to select from online, there is also a great deal to be said for "getting lucky" and finding a car before everyone knows about it online. But how do you do that? We will cover that in our second trick.

Trick Two - Develop Your Relationships

If you have a price range in mind, a specific kind of car, want a car with specific features or simply want a great deal, then it is a good idea to build a relationship with your local car dealership. It is true that your dealer will be posting a car soon after it has been processed and ready to go, wouldn't it still be nice to receive an email or phone call telling you about a car that meets your stated needs? Develop a working relationship with a car dealership and you will likely get hot and fresh car information as soon as it is available to you.

Trick Three - Don't Just Visit Car Dealerships on the Weekend

Car dealerships can be very busy on the weekend, but if you want to get the jump on the best deals; try visiting your local car dealership at different times of the week. New cars are coming in all the time, and visiting during the week could give you an edge. However, avoid Mondays and Tuesdays, as dealers may assume that you are buying a car out of need and are less likely to negotiate.

Also savvy car buyers know that you can get a better deal if you buy a car at the end of the month, rather than the beginning. When dealers sell cars at the end of the month, they can exceed their monthly quotas.

 More tips on getting the cheapest car deal.

Factors Impacting the Day to Buy a Car Include:

  • Holidays
  • Weekends vs. Weekdays
  • Beginning of the Week vs. End of the Week
  • Availability of the Car
  • Incentives
  • The Economy

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