Considering Buying a Car? What to Look for in a Car Dealership


What to Look For in a Car Dealership

When it comes time to buy a new or used car, one of the many critical decisions you need to make is which car dealer you will be doing business with. This decision can influence every aspect of your buying process. Being a savvy and aware consumer means that you need to be alert and do your research. So if you want to be sure you’re going to a reputable dealership that will treat you fairly and honestly, it’s important to follow these five steps before choosing a car dealership. 

1. Find an Easily Accessible Car Dealership

While this may seem like an odd first thing to look for in a car dealership, it could mean a lot. You want to make sure that whichever dealership you decide to buy a car from is easy to reach by phone, email or in person visits. It should be easy to either use Google or go on their website and find multiple phone numbers for each of their departments so that regardless of your reason for calling, someone will be able to help you quickly. If you were to run into a problem after buying a car, the last thing you want is to have the dealership you bought from become unreachable. 

The same goes for the location of the dealership in relation to you. You may find a great dealership that’s a two-hour away drive, but that will be really inconvenient if you need to return there for maintenance or any other reason. 

2. A Dealership With a Large Inventory

The second thing you need to look for in a car dealership is the quality and quantity of their inventory. A good dealership should have a full inventory that you can browse through on their website. They should have a full online inventory of both their new and used vehicles, depending on what you’re looking for. This gives you the opportunity to refine your search online and then once you’ve narrowed down the vehicles you’re interested in, go and get an in-person look at them. If the dealership you’re looking at has a tiny inventory, that’s not a great sign and you should probably consider looking elsewhere.

female car salesperson talking to man at dealership

3. A Dealership With Great Online Reviews

Like most big purchases, you’re going to want to do some research on the product or company you’re choosing to buy from. This is especially important when deciding on which car dealership to do business with. It’s important when you’re doing your research to not just look at the positives, but also look at what the negative reviews are saying. Do the negative reviews seem like legitimate reasons to avoid the dealership or are you just reading a review from a particular type of person who didn’t get what they want. If you notice a lot of negative reviews are about the same issue, there’s a good chance that this is a legitimate flaw of the dealership and you may want to avoid it. No car dealership is going to have perfect reviews, but it’s important to weed out the good from the awful.

4. Look for a Business Philosophy

While this is probably a more unusual thing to look for in a car dealership, it’s extremely important. When you’re looking to make a big investment on a vehicle, you want to make sure your buying from someone you can trust. Therefore, the dealership you’re buying from should have a philosophy that emphasizes not only customer satisfaction but integrity, ethics and honesty. It’s also a great sign if the dealership is involved in the community as it shows they care about the people they serve.

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5. Dealership You Want to Work With Long-Term

Chances are, this is not going to be the last time you need to buy a car. Therefore, if you’re able to build a relationship with a car dealership that you trust it can save you a lot of hassle. Having a dealership you go to consistently can expedite the process of buying a car. Knowing you don’t have to worry about being ripped off or taken advantage of allows you to walk into the dealership with your guard down, making the whole experience much more enjoyable.

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