The 5 Best Car Buying Apps in Canada


The Best Canadian Car Buying Apps

In 2021, there is an app for just about everything, so it should be obvious that there are tons of great car-buying apps. If you’re looking to buy a car in Canada, apps can provide you valuable information on where to buy, research about vehicles and the cars dealerships near you have for sale. In this blog, we’re going to list the 5 best car-buying apps in Canada.

Carpages offers a massive database of new and used vehicles to help Canadians find the right car for them. It’s a completely free tool that helps connect you to the dealer who’s selling the particular vehicle you find on their site. Carpages has a bookmark feature that allows you to save any cars you’re interested in. The vehicle listings have all the information that the actual dealer selling has provided.


If you’re buying a used car, you want to be sure the car you're buying doesn’t have a history of an accident or major repair. As much as we’d like to believe dealerships and private sellers would be honest about a car’s history, there are undoubtedly a few that would lie. That’s why Carfax exists, they’re a trusted vehicle background history app that will tell you the full history of the car through the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). While this incredibly valuable information, it’s not free, a Carfax report on a vehicle costs $39.99

Car Loans Canada

Car Loans Canada has been helping Canadians get approved for car financing since 2002. They work with Canadian’s with all types of financing to get them a car loan at the best possible rate. They offer full digital approval & delivery options allowing customers to complete everything over the phone or visit any one of our 300 approval centres across Canada

Kijiji Autos

Since Kijiji launched its new app/tool Kijiji Autos, the app has taken the Canadian automotive industry by storm. It combines what made Kijiji’s original business plan successful with new vehicle-specific features that make finding the perfect car easy. Kijiji Autos features new, used and older classic model cars that are being sold by both private sellers and dealerships. Kijiji Autos makes buying a car in Canada so much easier whether you’re a season car buyer or you’re on the market for your first car.

Autotrader is one of Canada’s leading online automotive listings services that makes it easy for car buyers to search for new and used cars. The free website listing tool gives users access to a vast amount of vehicles, making it easy to narrow down choices. They have an extensive search engine where you can easily adjust your filters to find a car that perfectly fits your needs. One great feature is their pricing index. You can use their pricing index to see if a dealer or private seller is asking too much for a vehicle. 

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