Getting the Most Out of Car Reviews


Reading car reviews can be a great way to learn more about vehicles that you are considering, but you do need to use them with a degree of caution. Reviews of any product can be very helpful, but there are points that you need to take into consideration when you are reading car reviews.

Point One-What is the Source?

Should a car review written by a mechanic be given more weight than one written by your average guy? Clearly the answer is yes! Unless the topic is something along the lines of styling or preference, it is better to listen to a professional.

Point Two-Look for Key, Relevant Information

The person writing your car review may be accurate knowledgeable, but perhaps he wishes he was writing the next great novel. Save yourself some time and skim for key pieces of information. In general, look for key info such as reliability, gas mileage, warranty information, and car performance. Do you really need to read through a long, flowery paragraph or two about how the car made the driver feel or how it touched his or her soul? Probably not, so skim for the key details and move on to the next review.

Point Three-Look for Commonalities

If you are narrowing down your search to a handful of cars, then try and keep track what different car reviews have to say about a given car. Finding these commonalities can go a long way towards achieving a consensus of opinion. If every review, for example, states that a given car has a blind spot, then you can be sure that this is indeed true.

Reviews Are Great, But They Are Not a Test Drive

Reviews can be remarkably helpful in assisting you in the process of choosing a car. With that stated, however, there is just no replacement for a test drive. Until you take a car out for a test drive and check it out for yourself, there is just no way for you to truly know if its the right car for you or not.

5 Ways to Get More Out of Car Review

  1. What is the source of the information?
  2. Look for relevant information
  3. Look for common opinions and assessments in car reviews
  4. Remember that no review is a replacement for a test drive
  5. Read many reviews and from different sources

Resources for Canadian Car Reviews


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