Advice for Avoiding Car Buying Scams


Much of the advice that works for avoiding car buying scams translates into avoiding scams in general. For example, there is a great deal to be said for following your "gut instinct." If you feel that something might be wrong, then maybe it is. Studies have shown that most communication is non-verbal. Additionally, research indicates that people often process information in their subconscious.

Follow Your Gut

If you feel that something is off at a car dealership, maybe it is. You need to trust your first impressions. Now with that stated, here is something additional to consider. For the vast majority of people a car is the second largest purchase that they make, next to a house and that can make people nervous.

Always Ask Questions

The second tip you should follow is to ask smart and relevant questions. Make sure that the salesperson is upfront with information and doesn't seem to be hiding details. Asking questions that pertain to the quality of the car you are considering will only help you in the end.

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Don't Succumb to Pressure Techniques

Tip three centers on avoiding pressure. If a car dealer or a private party attempts to pressure you into buying a particular car, there could be a problem. Of course, you must also take into consideration your own level of sensitivity. In this regard, it is important to stop and ask yourself, "Would the average person find this behavior to be too aggressive?" If the answer to this question is "yes" or "probably," then you might want to find another car.

Consult Carproof

Tip four is to ask for the Carproof report, which stands as an essential tool to help consumers avoid buying a car that has been plagued with problems and issues. Carproof stands as a great way for you to avoid being scammed when buying a car since it searches through all recent data on the vehicle in question. If someone is reluctant to show you a report, then there is likely a serious issue and you should probably shop elsewhere.

Four Ways to Avoid Being Scammed When You Buy a Car

  1. Trust your gut instinct but be reasonable
  2. Ask smart and relevant questions
  3. Steer clear of pressure
  4. Ask to see a Carproof report

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