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Save Money. Build Credit.
There is only one way to build good credit – by borrowing responsibly and making your payments on time. The main difference with Credit Refresh is that you are actually saving money.
Why Credit Refresh?
We do things differently
Get financial wisdom
Through your free financial intelligence training, you can learn the secrets of the financial experts and get ahead for good.
Tailored to you
Everyone is different. Our variety of programs are designed to fit your budget, lifestyle and goals.
Boost your credit
Every payment you make gets reported to the credit bureaus, giving you that all important positive payment history.
Build your savings
By the end of your program, you’ll have a stash of cash to use however you like*.
Say Goodbye To No
Hearing no when it comes to your finances will become a thing of the past with good credit, financial fitness, and savings up your sleeve.
The Original
With over 50,000 credit builders, you know you’re in good hands.
Every Canadian deserves a chance at Credit Repair.
We help people from any background build a better, stronger credit profile — especially those who may have been turned away or rejected elsewhere.
Our goal is to help Canadians take control of their credit, and in turn, take control of their life. We do that by providing programs that help people to build credit safely, while also saving money simultaneously.
Want to build your credit
by saving money 
instead of spending?
We can help.

Our customers say


Great company to work with, they made getting approved a smooth and painless process. Very knowledgeable and friendly service, would highly recommend.

Ciara Reynolds

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I can't thank Jordan enough. Without car loans Canada I would still feel trapped and be dependant on buses and ubers, I finally have my FREEDOM back! The customer service was impeccable from the start, I truly can't thank you enough for all your help.

Anisa Cook

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Car Loans Canada is a great place to apply for a vehicle. They are thorough when it comes to partnering you up with the right dealer in your area. They make sure that you are not harassed by multiple car dealerships and people trying to offer loans after you apply.

Willie Russell

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Car Loans Canada was great to deal with and answered all of my questions about how the car loan process works! Thanks for the help!

Bailey Norton

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I want to thank Car Loans Canada for everything they have done for me. I had just recently got my drivers licence (I'm 21) and Car Loans Canada helped me get a loan for my first car. It means I'm free now, I can go anywhere I want! Everyone that I dealt with was great, and each one was more enjoyable than the last! Thank you Car Loans Canada!

Shane Thomson

testimonial quote 888 536-4210

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