Our Statement on Residential Schools

Our Statement

We understand that this topic of residential schools needs to be addressed with sensitivity, and in no way are claiming to be experts in history around this injustice. We must recognize the painful history of the residential school system and the suffering it inflicted on generations of Canada's Indigenous people. This is an act of reconciliation that we all have a responsibility to realize.

Today, we are facing the truth of our past. We want to recognize and speak out about the Indigenous People of this country, their right to be respected and heard, and what happened to them during the years they were forced into residential schools and the impact it has on the Indigenous Communities.

We are sending our condolences to all Indigenous people in Canada for the tragic loss that has happened and acknowledge the strength and courage it takes to speak up and to allow Canada to learn what really happened during those dark times.

As a company and a step towards reconciliation, we have made a donation to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, which is an organization who is providing physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, growth, development, and healing through culturally based values and guiding principles for Survivors, Families, and Communities affected by this tragedy. 

Educational Resources

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Residential Schools in Canada

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