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6 Ride

Starting at 8.99%

5 Ride

Starting at 11.99%

4 Ride

Starting at 15.99%

3 Ride

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2 Ride

Starting at 22.99%

EP Ride +

Starting at 11.99%

EP No Hit

Starting at 19.99%

No Quebec operations

About Eden Park

Eden Park is a boutique lender servicing car dealerships since 2008. They serve nine provinces in Canada and have given over 25000 loans since they began operating 12 years ago. Eden Park works with over 1800 dealerships in Canada to help find you the vehicle that makes the most sense for your situation.


  • Allow you to change your payment amount and frequency once in the entire duration of your loan
  • Can make extra payments to your loan or pay it entirely without penalty

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