Best Places to Find Information on Car Insurance


When it comes to insurance of any kind, there are a shocking number of different options. An abundance of insurance companies are out there, and they are all interested in getting your business in one way or another. The bottom line is that you absolutely must have car insurance, as the consequences are simply too serious to skip this expense. In this article, we will look at where you should turn for your car insurance advice.

Car insurance must be taken seriously due to the nature of a car accident. If you have ever been in a car accident then you know that dealing with an insurance company can be stressful, and the last variable you want to add to the situation is an insurance company that might be resistant to paying a legitimate claim. So how do you find a great car insurance company that will go that extra mile for you?

The 4 Best Places to Turn for Car Insurance Advice

1) Your insurance company that handles your home insurance or other insurance

2) Friends and relatives

3) Your local car dealership and body shops

4) Check out the ratings at J.D. Power and Associates

If you have home insurance, renter's insurance or other forms of insurance, then you could deal with the company that handles those policies. Of course, whether or not you wish to do this is largely predicated on the relationship you've had to date with a given insurance company. Yet, there is no denying that "bundling" all of your insurance needs with one company makes some sense.

5) Consider using a Canadian insurance comparison site to compare quotes. A good resource is at

Another way of finding a car insurance company is to ask your friends and relatives about the car insurance company they are using. This can give you a great deal of valuable information and let you know which companies to avoid and which ones to embrace.

Further, why not check out the data from J.D. Power and Associates? They rate different policyholders and consider various factors including price, options, and customer satisfaction. Another place you can look is the Standard & Poor's rating, which takes into account the insurance company's financial rating.

At the top of the list of resources where you should turn regarding car insurance issues is your car dealer and your auto repair shop. After all, your car dealer has little choice but to know a great deal about car insurance. They know what kind of experiences drivers are having with given companies and, as a result, which companies are likely to be the best fit for your needs. If you need car insurance, then your car dealer stands as one of the first places you should turn.

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