Should You Listen to Tricks and Tips on Car Blogger Websites?


Where cars and the Internet is concerned, you can be sure of one undeniable fact; there are plenty of car bloggers. Now this fact shouldn't be too great of a surprise, as people love cars. Cars are a vital part of our society and quite literally make the world go around. As a result, you can find no shortage of car bloggers discussing every aspect of cars, both modern and classic. With all of these blogs comes more than a little free advice. The question for you is should you listen to tricks and tips on car blogger websites?

In a very real sense, whether or not you should listen to the tricks, tips and advice that car bloggers are dishing out depends on the same factors that would govern any information on the Internet. Let's take a look at what key information you should look for when determining whether or not to take a car blogger seriously.

Point One - What is the Source of the Information?

There is nothing wrong with the average guy giving his opinion, especially if that opinion is based on logic and research. However, when it comes to your car buying and related decisions, you have to be careful. Clearly, you don't want such an important decision as buying a car to be based solely on the opinion of a person that may have no more experience, knowledge or know how than you do! This is why you will want to carefully evaluate the source of the information when you are reading the blog. Who is the blogger? Does he or she have any particular automotive background or experience? What is this person's occupation? These are the kind of key questions you need to ask yourself when reading any blog.

Point Two - Is the Advice Consistent and Consistently Solid?

Another way to evaluate a car blog is to look through past posts and see if the advice and tips given are accurate and consistent. If a blogger is very consistent, the value of their advice should go up considerably.

Point Three - Does the Blogger Consistently State His Sources?

If the blog you are reading doesn't regularly point to sources or fails to give you details as to where they got their facts, this could be a red flag. One of the quickest and best ways to discern opinion from fact is through sources. So look for their source content and check it!

Some Car Blogs to Check Out:

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Auto Trend

Driving Spirit

Driven Daily

Automobiles Daily

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