Secrets About Car Dealerships


Do car dealerships have secrets? Of course, they do. In fact, every industry does. The secrets you need to know about don't have anything to do with office romances, but more to do with what is the best way to deal with your local car dealership. Understanding your car dealership better will enable you to get a better deal and do so with less effort.

Secret Number One - They Really, Really Want You to Buy a Car

Now it might sound a little obvious to state that car dealerships are very eager for you to buy a car, but it goes deeper than that. Car dealerships have put a lot of time and effort into creating an infrastructure designed to get car loans to drivers with all kind of credit histories. As a result, there are a wide array of options that car dealerships have at the disposal for drivers who may have less than perfect credit scores.

Secret Number Two - Car Dealerships Want You to Love Them

Car dealerships desperately want you to like them and like them a lot. Why? If you truly love your car dealership and have a great experience, they know that you will tell many other people and even refer customers in their direction. The easiest way to build a business is to have existing customers become fans and start sending you their friends and family. So if you feel like your car dealer is trying to win you over the next time you visit, you're probably right!

Secret Number Three - Car Dealerships Oversee Far More Than Just Selling Cars

Most people don't realize all the different services that the typical car dealership encapsulates. A car dealership can help car buyers with finding financing, finding a good deal on insurance, service their car and serve as an outstanding resource for all things automotive. The idea that a car dealership is a one-dimensional place where one goes to buy a car is no longer true in this day and age. Today's car dealerships are dynamic and stand as a resource for consumers.

Secret Number Four - Unscrupulous Car Dealerships Will Try to Add on Additional Fees

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous dealers can add warranties to your policy without mentioning to you that you will be charged extra. The fact is you have 30 days after the purchase date to consider whether or not you want an extended warranty. Sometimes dealers also manage to sell clients credit/life insurance policies. However, if you already have life insurance, this can be a duplicate policy.

Dishonest car dealerships are also known for raising the interest rate and lengthening the terms of the loan before you sign on the dotted line. Often buyers don't notice these changes. The bottom line is to be diligent about reading exactly what is on any contract before you buy!

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