5 Ways to stay connected during COVID-19


Getting a little stir-crazy? Does your cat look at you with disdain (well… more disdain) for not leaving its Kingdom during the day?

At Car Loans Canada, we're always promoting how you can use a car to do the things that matter to you, but now that we're all hunkered down and doing our part to plank the curve, we’ve come up with 5 non-car ways to stay connected and positive.

Number 5 - Call people!

Before the invention of SMS, there was a magical way that people used to connect with others when they couldn’t see them in person - they spoke to them on the telephone! Texting is designed for short communication - it’s not the best for meaningful connections. When’s the last time you enjoyed an hour-long conversation with a friend? Now is the perfect time!

Number 4 - Video Chat

It’s only been a couple of weeks but we’ve already become hermits. Are you no longer shaving? Staying in pajamas all day? We won’t judge you (... much)! But experts recommend that having a regular routine during periods like this can help people tremendously. So, although the idea of getting into a video chat sounds horrifying, it just might be a good excuse to comb your hair and put on something besides a hoodie!

Number 3 - Online Dinner Party

This one might be a bit difficult but we’re always up for a challenge! Why not have that dinner party you were planning, but do it online - definitely less to clean up! Some people are even having online movie nights with friends.

Number 2 - Pay it Forward

We sometimes forget that we’re all in this together. Let someone know you’re thinking of them by sending them a gift from Amazon or have their favorite food delivered to them. This is a simple way to show you care about them and might even lead to a phone call! Just make sure to give them a heads up so that they aren’t scared by the doorbell.

Number 1 - Acts of Kindness

Most of us are locked in our homes and relying on delivery drivers and postal workers to get us through this difficult period. These workers are often overlooked but they are some of the unsung heroes of this crisis. Most people don’t realize how simple acts can make someone’s day. It could be as simple as telling the delivery driver through the window how much you appreciate them. Or, if you have kids, it could be fun to make a big poster together thanking these workers - then post it to the window and wave at the drivers when they arrive!

Want to do more acts of kindness? Our blog "25 Acts of Kindness" is coming soon.

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