Canadian's Are Tired of Auto Finance Online Scams


Canadian Car Loan Scams & How To Avoid Them

We've seen a lot of promises in the Canadian car loan industry, and if you've ever been shopping for a car, you've probably seen them too. Unfortunately, what you see is not always what you get, but we're not here to rain on your parade. As we have all heard the famous quote by author Richard Carlson "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is". Well, I think we can all agree a pink Jeep advertised at $99 bi-weekly is too good to be true (okay, the color is not the point, pretend it's black).

Pink Jeep - Auto Finance Scam

Or how about this one: "All Credit Approved, 100% Approvals, Apply TODAY and DRIVE Tomorrow" We have all seen these false claims and ad's far too often.

All Credit Accepted Ad

Let me bring you all to a place where I like to reside, it's called "reality". You see, here in reality, you can't buy a pink Jeep for $99 bi-weekly with $0 Down. You also probably won't get approved on a Tuesday, if you just filed bankruptcy on Monday!

That credit card you wrote off and never paid and the loan you defaulted on. That cell phone company you told to stick it (Damn those cell phone companies, damn them all) will actually affect your credit. Depending on how bad your credit is and high risk you look to the banks, you very well may not get approved.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news folks, but here goes:

100% Approval's on Car Loan's DON'T Exist

Surprised Face - 100 percent car loan approvals

Any companies who claim there is, well, my advice is to run for the hills. Now here is the problem and why we are all so tired of these false ad's filled with empty promises. Over 33% of Canadians do have bad credit, and need transportation to get to and from work. So, how does someone with bad credit get approved for a bad credit car loan in Canada?

Great Question! Well, I've delivered enough bad news (I know, you wanted that Pink Jeep, admit It). So let me share with you some good news, and some actual actionable advice.

Canadians With Bad credit, Bankruptcies, Disabilities & Are Self-Employed, DO Have Options for Auto Financing.

Celebration - two guys fist bump.

3 Things All Canadian Auto Finance Companies (real ones) Require to Approve Someone for a Car Loan:

1. You must make a minimum of $1800 gross per month (before taxes / deductions).
2. Be working for that employer for at least 90 Days.
3. Be able to prove your stated income (paystub, bank deposits, etc...) if asked by the lender.

Other Facts Around Car Loans in Canada

Proof of income is not always required, but most often it is on a Non-Prime Approval. (Non-Prime / Sub-Prime is what banks refer to as any loan that is not a Prime Approval)

Another fact from reality, non-prime deals are higher risk then a prime deals, so with this does come high interest rates.

A prime approval in Canada can see anywhere from 0.99% - 5.99%. Where as a non-prime approval can range anywhere from 8.99% - 29.95% There are many different factors that determine which tier you will fall into.

Make sure you deal with real, reputable companies when sharing your personal information. If your credit isn't the best, chances are you've probably already been declined at a dealership. The LAST thing you need is for your information to be sold off to multiple Dealers. They will run multiple credit checks, and call your phone multiple times.

Check out our tips on avoiding car buying scams.  

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