Five Reasons Car Loans Canada Should Be Your First Choice for Auto Financing

For most Canadians, the auto financing process is about as clear as mud. It often feels more like playing Scrabble with a lawyer than taking a measurable step towards the car of your dreams. Then, of course, you have the double-talking salesmen and warranty-obsessed people at the dealership to wrestle with. Things get even worse for those looking for a bad credit car loan. Don’t you wish you had somebody that you knew was on your side? A neutral third-party that was looking out for your best interests when it came to your St. John’s car loan? That’s where we come in. Here are a handful of reasons to go with Car Loans Canada over the competition:

  • Our lenders are willing to finance people in almost any credit situation. Bad credit? No credit? No problem!
  • You can complete our Canadian car loan application in two-minutes or less.
  • When you call, you’ll get someone who’s knowledgeable about the St. John’s auto financing process—not a clueless phone jockey.
  • We get your business by being open-minded and fair, not by relying on fine print and predatory loans.
  • With over 300 banks in our network, there’s one that’s right for you.

Use Car Loans Canada to Get a Reasonable Rate on Your Bad Credit Car Loan

At Car Loans Canada, we understand that car loan applicants can’t be boiled down to a three-digit number. They’re living, breathing people looking for an opportunity to make their lives better. Unfortunately, most banks don’t seem to get that. They’re obsessed with credit scores and unwilling to look at the circumstances that led to somebody’s unpaid bill or bankruptcy. Fortunately, our network has plenty of open-minded lenders that specialize in second chances. When you apply for a bad credit car loan with Car Loans Canada, you’ll get connected with an empathetic lender—not a predatory one.

No Matter What Part of Newfound and Labrador You Call Home, We’re Here for You!

Whether you call Bonavista or Hare Bay home, we can help you get out of your old ride an into a new one. We know that everybody needs a car—even people living in the middle of nowhere. Below is a list of communities we serve in the greater St. John’s area:

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