Why You Can Count on Car Loans Canada

There are plenty of financing aggregators out there. So, with that in mind, you’re probably wondering what sets us apart from the rest. Here are a handful of reasons you should choose us over the other guys.

  • It takes just two minutes to submit your application to over 300 banks.
  • The laws surrounding PEI car loans can be confusing. That’s why we hire service experts.
  • We support everything from conglomerates to your hometown bank.
  • From resources to easy filings, we make getting a car easy.
  • We don’t rely on asterisks or fine print to get your business. What you see is what you get.

Is Your Credit Not the Best? Don’t Worry! We Do Bad Credit Car Loans

To people with bad credit, the car hunt is an intimidating process. Every visit to the bank is a potential rejection. Each trip to the dealer feels like wading through a den of tiger sharks. Even knowing that 20-percent of Canadians have subpar credit isn’t enough to shake the sour taste car buying leaves in your mouth. The sky-high interest rate you get quoted at doesn’t help either. And, unfortunately, banks don’t care that your dog died. But, we do! We understand that you’re more than a number and believe that everyone deserves a safe, reliable vehicle. Bankruptcy or credit bumps. That’s why we partner with a variety of banks, including those in PEI, to offer affordable bad credit car loans. We also offer plenty of resources designed to help you build your credit and protect you against predatory lending. Click here to visit our blog and learn more.

There’s So Much More Than What’s Behind the Steering Wheel

City Slicker or Farm Boy? It Doesn’t Matter to Us!

Whether you live in York or a Victorian mansion in Charlottetown, we can finance your PEI car loan. Still not sure if we service a town as small as yours? Take a look at our community list below:

Live Outside of Charlottetown? We Finance You Too!

Whether you live in Charlottetown or not, we offer car loans to people all over PEI. Click apply now below to get started.

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