Why You Should Work with Car Loans Canada

We know you’re probably overwhelmed with all the finance options out there. Should you go with a bank? A credit union? A financing aggregator like us? It might be obvious, but we think we should be your clear-cut choice for Ontario car loans. Here’s why:

  • We shorten the car buying process from 7-10 days to just 48 hours.
  • Our hassle-free application can be completed in under two minutes.
  • We help support local businesses! A lot of our lenders are headquartered in Ontario.
  • Plenty of our lenders are open to supplying bad credit card loans.
  • Our service agents are experts on Ontario’s car buying rules and regulations.

Are You an Ontarian With Bad Credit? No Credit? Don’t Worry!

Know that you’re not alone. Around 20-percent of all Canadians have a credit score below 600. While this can make it difficult to get financing through normal channels, we have plenty of lenders willing to sponsor poor credit score loans. Working with Car Loans Canada will get you out of your junker and into an affordable new (or new to you) car. If you’d like to build your credit first, that’s fine too! We have plenty of resources available to help improve your credit.

Can I Get a Bad Credit Car Loan If I Live in the Middle of Nowhere?

Urban, metro, or rural, it doesn’t matter! We finance people throughout Ontario! Below is just a small sampling of the communities we serve:

Ready to Tear Through Toronto’s Streets In A Car You Can be Proud Of?

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