We’re Different. Here Are a Few Reasons Why.

Getting a Fredericton car loan isn’t easy, especially if you want a good interest rate. First, you have to drive to 10 different banks in your area and fill out a three to four-page form. Then, you have to wait for a pencil pusher to crunch the numbers. What will probably follow are a handful of rejections, a slight dip in your credit score, and a lot of wasted time. That’s why Car Loans Canada does it differently. Here are a few reasons to apply through financing with us:

  • At Car Loans Canada, we’re true to our word and don’t hide behind asterisks, fine print, or misdirection
  • Our hassle-free application can be completed in two minutes or less.
  • Call us and you’ll talk to someone who’s knowledgeable about the car loan process—not a robot or phone jockey.
  • One application gets you in touch with over 300 banks and credit unions all across Canada.
  • Many of our lenders are open to working with students and those looking for bad credit car loans.

Wish Lenders Would Treat You Like More Than a Number? So, Do We!

People with good credit don’t get it. They’ve never been rejected for a car loan or mortgage because their credit wasn’t good enough. They’ve never felt the shame that comes with that rejection. For them, getting a car is a simple process. They head to the bank, sign on a dotted line, and head off to the dealership, not once worrying about predatory lending tactics. As someone with less than perfect credit, however, you see the world of Fredericton car loans differently. It’s less convenience and more minefield. But, when you work with us, you can rest easy.

No predatory lending. No ridiculous APRs. At Car Loans Canada, you’ll find open-minded lenders that are willing to offer reasonable rates on bad credit car loans. So, even if you’ve been rejected before, go ahead, and fill out our worry-free application. We think you’ll like what you see.

If You Live in the Fredericton Suburbs, there’s a Pretty Good Chance We Serve You Too!

People living outside of Fredericton often feel forgotten. Getting what they want often necessitates a long drive into the city proper. But we serve people out in the boonies too! Below is a shortlist of municipalities and small towns we serve in the greater Fredericton area:

With Sights Like This, It’s No Wonder Fredericton Is Known as the City at the Edge of Nature

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