Car Maintenance Tips


Keeping your car clean is of great importance. This will contribute to both keeping it in fine working order as well as to your resale value down the road. In this article, we will take a look at some easy, commonsense steps that you can take to keep your car looking its very best.

1) Always clean the tires and rims using a different cloth than you use on the body of your car. This is done so that you don’t scratch the vehicle’s paint with debris from the wheels.

2) Use good tire care cleaning products with a stiff brush. This is important even if you do not have whitewalls. A good product may cost a little more, but it will remove brake dust, which can blacken your front rims.

3) Do not use household cleaners on your car. Car cleaning products have been designed not strip the wax from your car’s paint or damage the finish.

4) To avoid scratching the finish, rinse the cloth in clean water frequently.

5) Don’t forget to clean the rear of your car last, as it is likely to have the largest accumulation of dirt and grime.

6) Wash your car’s door jams once a month.

7) Make sure when washing the body of your car that you rinse it thoroughly from top to bottom including the wheels and fenders.

‘8) When it comes time to rinse, remove the spray nozzle from the hose. Starting at the roof let the water cascade down the surface of the vehicle.

9) Avoid water spotting by drying with a chamois or other car cleaning products made for this specific task.

10) Once the surface is clean and dry, apply the wax following the manufacturer’s directions. It is recommended to avoid waxing in direct sunlight.


The key to having your vehicle last for years to come is regular maintenance. Create a car maintenance schedule and stick to it. Here are some care maintenance tips that should help:

1) Each month check for tire inflation and condition, check all lights, check to determine if your engine light is on and check your window washer fluid.

2) Do 3 month checks for automatic transmission fluid, battery and cables, belts, engine air filter, oil and filter, exhaust, fuel filter, power steering fluid and hoses.

3) Do 6 month checks on chassis lubrication, polish and wiper blades.

4) Do 12 month checks on brakes, cabin air filter, coolant, spark plugs and steering and suspension.

5) Following a car maintenance schedule and dealing with the car maintenance costs as they arise will definitely save you money in the long run, as you will avoid repairs.

Adding regular car washing to your car maintenance schedule does not add much to your car maintenance costs, but it can play an important role nonetheless. In the end, when you are ready to sell your vehicle, a clean car will be a huge selling factor. Read the article on vehicle depreciation next, and then fill out your car loan application here at Car Loans Canada today!