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  • Bad Credit Auto Loans CanadaCar Loans Canada is the place to turn for people with bad credit in Canada who want and need a car. You might think that it is not possible to buy a car if you have anything short of spotless credit, but this just isn’t the case.
  • Getting a Car Loan with Bad CreditYou might have spent a sleepless night or two worried about getting a car loan, especially if you have less than stellar credit. However, don’t worry, there is hope! The fact is that many people have less than perfect credit, and there are mechanisms in place to help you get an auto loan. Car Loans Canada is here to help, as we offer access to a network of eager lenders who are willing to give guaranteed auto loans for bad credit borrowers.
  • Finding a Car Loan After BankruptcyBankruptcy can be a difficult event. There is no denying this fact. However, you can still get a car loan after bankruptcy if you know where to look. There are numerous Canadian car loan companies that specialize specifically in bad credit financing options for those looking to buy a car. With Car Loans Canada, you will be connected with a network of dealers and lenders that are eager to assist you and put you back behind the wheel.
  • Requirements for a Car LoanThere are lenders that specialize in car loans for people with bad credit. These lenders have minimum requirements that borrowers must meet and Car Loans Canada can help you find them. At Car Loans Canada, we have helped thousands obtain bed credit auto loans. We do this by evaluating your current situation and putting less emphasis on your credit history. We will carefully match each person needing a loan with an appropriate lender.
  • Exploring Your Online Auto Loan OptionsIn recent years, online car financing has become a simply massive component in the Canadian car loans industry. Car Loans Canada is at the forefront of offering online resources to help you get the car loan you need. Car Loans Canada can arm buyers with all the information that they need before accepting any auto loan offer. Additionally, Car Loans Canada has all the online tools necessary for you to fill out an application safely, quickly and online today!
  • Bad Credit Auto FinancingThe good news is that auto loans for people with bad credit in Canada do exist. If you believe that you can’t find auto financing due to bankruptcy or other problems, then it is important to realize that there are lenders who work with borrowers that have bad credit histories. We have carefully assembled a network of lenders that specialize in bad credit auto financing. Through this process, Car Loans Canada has eliminated the hassle and the time usually associated with applying for a car loan.
  • Get a Bad Credit Car Loan Today!If finding a car loan is keeping you up at night, don’t let it. Thanks to Car Loans Canada, you can get into a new car and do so quickly. Car Loans Canada has established itself a leader in providing bad credit auto financing for Canadians in all provinces and territories.
  • Searching for the Best Auto Loan RatesWe all want to get the best price for whatever goods and services we purchase. The process of looking for the best auto loan rates begins with the assessment your own needs and financial situation. In Canada, current auto loan rates and terms vary according to credit history and monthly payment capability. While the process may seem mysterious, the concept itself is actually rather simple.
  • 0% Car FinancingZero percent financing on vehicles has been so successful that other markets, such as the credit card industry, have begun to adopt the concept. The research is quite interesting, as it shows that roughly only a third of buyers who apply for 0% car financing ultimately qualify. Further only about 10% of those who qualify actually buy a car, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association.
  • Bad Credit? Discover Car Loans for People with Bad Credit –Car Loans Canada has become a leader in providing bad credit auto financing for Canadians in all provinces and territories. Car Loans Canada has assembled a network of both national and regional lenders to guarantee your best chance at obtaining a bad credit car loan with the best rate and terms available.
  • Auto Lease vs. PurchaseDeciding whether to lease or purchase is a complicated question and one that can drive you a little crazy if you let it. You are the only one that can decide on which option suits you best. In this article, we will take a look at a few of the important questions you need to answer before making this important decision.
  • Auto Loan Interest RatesInterest rates on car loans in Canada are based, in part, on the term and the amount of the loan. Auto loan interest rates increase with longer terms, which is due to vehicle depreciation. The fact that a car’s value depreciates significantly over the first few years makes it much riskier for a lender to recover the value of a long-term loan in the case of default. Therefore, shorter-term loans are low interest car loans in comparison.


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