Car Loan Interest Rates

Interest rates on car loans in Canada are based, in part, on the term and the amount of the loan. Auto loan interest rates increase with longer terms, which is due to vehicle depreciation. The fact that a car’s value depreciates significantly over the first few years makes it much riskier for a lender to recover the value of a long-term loan in the case of default. Therefore, shorter-term loans are low interest car loans in comparison.
Interest Rates on Car Loans, What You Need to Know

The unfortunate fact is that long term loans and their corresponding high car loan interest rates may be the only option for borrowers with good credit who are unable to handle the high monthly payments associated with short term loans. On the other hand, those with poor credit or bankruptcy issues may find that the auto loan interest rates offered to them will, in general, be higher, and perhaps even significantly so.

Car Loan Interest Rates

Keep in mind that poor credit history and problems don’t mean that you must suffer a poor car loan outcome. In fact, the exact opposite is true, especially if you opt to use Car Loans Canada. Car Loans Canada will help you find a car loan online with an interest rate that works for you. Now there is no doubt that auto loan interest rates do vary depending upon each individual’s situation. However, with that stated, understanding the facts about car loan interest rates will help to ensure a successful outcome. Understand that interest rates play a major role in your monthly car payments, and this factor should influence how much you spend on your vehicle.

Remember you should never agree to terms or auto loan interest rates that set you up to fail! Being late or defaulting on loan payments will definitely damage your credit and prevent you from rebuilding your credit. You can keep this happening by filling out our car loan application now and take a look at what offers are out there for you today!


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