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Newfoundland and Labrador Car Loans

Newfoundland and Labrador combine to form the most easterly province in Canada. Unlike most provinces, it has two distinct parts. One is the island Newfoundland to the east and the other the continental region of Labrador to the Northwest. All in all, its area totals 405,212 square kilometers. As of 2018, just over 525,000 Canadians called the province home. And, all those people need a reliable way to get around. That’s why we’re here.

Why You Can Count on Car Loans Canada for your Newfoundland and Labrador Car Loan
There are hundreds of banks and ATMs sprinkled around the province. They range in size from mega-corporations to mom-and-pop finance shops. You might be wondering why you should choose Car Loans Canada over your hometown bank or the dealership you’ll be buying your car from. The reason is simple: variety. When you hit that “Submit” button, your application is instantly sent to well over 300 banks. This ensures a competitive rate and keeps you safe from any underhanded dealership tricks. Here are a few more reasons you might want to rely on Car Loans Canada for your Newfoundland and Labrador Car Loans:
  • Our partnership with banks across Newfoundland helps keep business local.
  • We don’t rely on fine print, exaggerated stats, or misdirection to get your business.
  • You can complete our application in just two minutes.
  • Our customer service agents know and understand the laws surrounding Newfoundland Car Loans.
  • Using us makes car buying a process of hours, not days.

Is Your Credit Causing Problems? Let Us Finance Your Bad Credit Car Loans.

If you’ve got subpar credit, you’re not alone. Approximately 20-percent of Canadians have a credit score at or below 600. Many banks would look at a credit score like that and run in the other direction. They don’t care about the two job losses and long hospital stay that landed you in bankruptcy. To most banks, you’re nothing more than your credit score. But we don’t like banks who are so closed-minded. We’re a company who lives on second chances, and we want every Canadian to have a chance at owning a safer, more reliable car. In order to reach that goal, we partnered with flexible, empathetic lenders from all across Canada. These institutions are willing to look past the blemishes on your credit to see the beautiful person beneath. So, if you need a bad credit car loan, you can count on us and our database of open-minded lenders to get things done.

There’s So Much More Than What’s Behind the Steering Wheel


Whether You Live on “The Rock” or the Mainland, We’re Here to Help You
Newfoundland and Labrador is a pretty isolated place. And, you might be curious how much service we can provide to an island hundreds of kilometers from our HQ. The answer is, surprisingly, quite a lot. Below are just a few of the communities where we offer Newfoundland and Labrador car loans:
  • St. John's
  • Corner Brook
  • Grand Falls-Windsor
  • Gander
  • Labrador City
  • Stephenville
  • Bay Roberts
  • Carbonear
  • Happy Valley-Goose Bay
  • Clarenville-Shoal Harbour
  • Deer Lake
  • Channel-Port aux Basques
  • Bonavista
  • Pasadena
  • Botwood
  • Marystown
  • Bishop's Falls
  • Grand Bank
  • Lewisporte
  • Springdale
  • St. Anthony
  • Massey Drive
  • Placentia
  • Wabana
  • Burgeo
  • Humber Arm South
  • Upper Island Cove
  • Fortune

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Interesting Facts About Newfoundland

  • Remember the story of Vikings hitting North American soil centuries before Columbus? This is thought to be where they made landfall.
  • You can reach France in a boat in just an hour if you set sail from St. John’s.
  • Both Newfoundland and Labrador have dogs named after them.
  • When ranked by total area, Newfoundland and Labrador is the 10th largest province in Canada.
  • The province is home to 4 national parks and more than 20 provincial parks. Gros Morne National Park is the most famous of these.
  • St. John’s is the oldest city in North America.
  • More than 94-percent of the province’s population live in Newfoundland, the island part of the province.
  • This province actually has its own time zone that’s 90 minutes ahead of Eastern and 30 minutes ahead of Atlantic time.
  • There were 30,266 new vehicles sold in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2018.
  • The average Newfie will pay $1,132 a year to insure their car. 888 536-4210

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