• With our 3rd child’s arrival our old beater wasn’t going to cut it. Getting turned down for a new SUV was heartbreaking but getting into our new Pathfinder through CLC is like a dream come true! Thanks so much guys.

    Review author Chris
  • My Old SUV died. I didn’t think there was any chance I could get financed but now I’m driving a Cadillac SRX! Pumped!

    Review author Denise
  • This is the SUV I got! After my divorce I didn’t think I would get financed. Thanks Car Loans Canada!

    Review author Jim
  • I needed a new truck for my business. As a self-employed guy, getting approved is tough. Car Loans Canada got me financed based on my income, not tax return. WOW! New F150 for me. Amazing.

    Review author Fred
  • When my old GMC died, I went to the dealer to get a brand new one. I didn’t realize that missing a few payments on my credit cards would hurt my rating so much. No luck getting financed. I found Car Loans Canada, told them I wanted a GMC Sierra and they got me in a sweet, 2016 Kodiak Z71 4x4 with NAV. I absolute recommend them.

    Review author Joe
  • My boyfriend and I needed a new truck to haul our mountain bikes and kayaks. We wanted a new Tacoma but couldn’t get approved. I didn’t even think about the Caynon until Car Loans Canada turned us on to this amazing 2016 SLE 4x4 Crew Cab, All Terrain. Its WAY better and financing it was a breeze.

    Review author Melissa