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What our clients say

It is very important for us our client satisfaction

SO HAPPY! Love the professionalism I received from Car Loans Canada. I walked in never owning or financing a car before, and I left confidently happy. No hidden fees or scams like I’ve received everywhere else as a young woman. I just want to say thank you immensely again to everyone for walking me through everything and also teaching me along the way.

Ottawa, ON

Growing up we always had Toyota’s but I was sure my credit wouldn’t allow me to be able to buy one. From start to finish the Car Loans Canada gang walked me through every step of the process and made the experience easy and fun.  Overall, I highly recommend Car Loans Canada for anyone looking to find the perfect fit in your price range and have everything taken care of for you. The staff make you feel at ease and comfortable and make buying a car a great experience.

Vancouver Island, BC

It was recommended by a friend to check out Car Loans Canada when we were car shopping. We had an amazing experience from the time we were contacted right up to a few days later when we purchased the car. Staff was VERY friendly and professional. They did not pressure us at all to buy a car, they answered all our questions on site, and ones he wasn’t 100 percent sure about, he confirmed them in a very timely matter. Very seamless from start to finish and super friendly staff all around. HIGHLY recommend you check them out too.

Calgary, AB