Car Warranties on Used Cars: A Short Guide


Used car warranties are commonplace, but the time frame of coverage can be quite limited. Does that mean that you should invest in a used car warranty? In this article we will look at the reasons that you will want to consider buying a warranty on your used car. You might think that nothing will ever go wrong with your car but remember, cars are complex pieces of engineering. That means even the newest cars constructed with the tightest specifications can have problems. This is why car manufacturers include warranties, and it is also why you should strongly consider having an extended warranty for your used car.

Reason Number One for Having an Extended Warranty on Your Used Car:

Peace of Mind

Having an extended warranty on a used car can provide you with peace of mind, which is extremely valuable. The simple, but undeniable fact is that you just can't be sure if or when something could go wrong with your car. This makes having a car warranty a real must.

These days, you can get certified pre-owned car warranties. This means that the actual factory is also backing your car. As a result, you can trust that the car is in very good shape. If a car has a sketchy history or needs a lot of work, it simply won't make it into the program!

Reason Number Two for Having an Extended Warranty on Your Used Car:

It's Not That Expensive

Quite often, people are nothing short of stunned to learn that used car warranties are actually not too expensive. Many people have the idea that a used car warranty is likely to be cost prohibitive, but this isn't the situation. Usually your car dealer will be able to direct you towards inexpensive used car warranty options.

However, not all car manufacturers offer extended warranties. For example, Audi doesn't currently offer one. Also look at the details of each extended warranty, as they vary significantly from one car to the next.

Reason Number Three for Having an Extended Warranty on Your Used Car:

Unexpected Repairs Can Break the Bank

A sudden and unexpected car repair can wreck your bank account and cause all kinds of problems in your life. However, with an extended used car warranty at your disposal, you have a degree of safety against such unexpected and unwelcome expenses.

Three Reasons You Want an Extended Car Warranty:

  1. Peace of mind
  2. Extended car warranties are relatively inexpensive
  3. Unexpected bills are problematic and can slam your pocketbook!

You might be tempted to skip having an extended warranty on a used car, but you should always resist this temptation. No matter how well your car was engineered or how well you take care of it, something can go wrong. Opting for an extended warranty can help you safeguard against many eventualities as well as offer other benefits.

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