5 Tips for Selling Your Car


At some point, most drivers will want to sell their vehicles. But it's important to think about it first. There are a few different ways that you can approach the issue of selling your car. Whether you are looking to sell your car to a private party, or to a car dealer as part of a trade-in when you buy a new car, there are some steps you can take to make sure that the process goes smoothly and that you get a good price for your car.

Tip One: Keep Your Car in Good Shape

This tip seems pretty obvious, but people often try and get around this one. Honesty is the best policy. If you didn't always take the best care of your car, the odds are stacked against you that you are going to pull one over on a car dealer or even a private party. After all, most buyers will expect to see service records including records of regular oil changes.

Tip Two: Make Sure Your Car is Clean

You would think that keeping your car clean is a "no brainer." However, if you talk to any car dealer he or she will tell you that people bring in cars in all kinds of conditions with the intention of trading them in. Clean up your car and make sure you've removed odd smells. Before you bring in your car it also makes sense to take it to the carwash. These are all good ways to help your car put its best "wheel" forward!

If you are selling your car privately, you might want to do even more work to improve its curb appeal. Here are some ideas:

  • Take your car through "the works package" at a carwash
  • Fix any scrapes or dings
  • Make sure all windows are clean
  • Remove any stickers
  • Organize your maintenance records
  • Treat tires with a gloss
  • Prepare a Carproof report on your vehicle

Tip Three: Make Sure You Don't Have Title Issues

Nothing can stop a sale or trade in of a car faster than a title issue. Make sure that you have all title issues taken care of well in advance.

Tip Four: Be Realistic Concerning Price

People get very attached to their cars. One of the byproducts of this fact is that people also get a warped perspective on what their car is worth. After all, they've had some really good time with their car, and this gives them an emotional attachment. Realize that the longer you hold onto your car, the less it is worth.

You can check out the fair value for your car by using The Canadian Black Book, which can be found at www.canadianblackbook.com. This resource will allow you to find out what your car is worth to sell it yourself and also as a trade-in. If you get a reasonable offer, you should probably go along with the sale.

Tip Five: Realize That Improvements You Made May Not Influence Your Sale Price

If you did upgrades to vehicle, the fact is that you may not see these upgrades reflected in your final sales price. Just as you can remodel a room of your house but not see a return on that investment, the same may be true for your car.

Not sure if you should sell before buying your next vehicle? 

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