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Sure, there are plenty of banks inside Halifax’s city limits—a few of them named after the city itself. To secure a good rate on your Halifax car loan, you’ll have to visit at least 10 of them. Why waste your time filling out dozens of Halifax car loan applications when Car Loans Canada can take care of the heavy lifting? Just one application will get you rates and offers from hundreds of Canadian banks and credit unions. That convenience is just one eason to choose Car Loans Canada over our competition; however, here are a few more:

  • Car Loans Canada’s hassle-free application can be completed in two minutes or less.
  • We have lenders willing to work with both students and those looking for bad credit car loans.
  • Our network includes over 300 banks and credit unions from all across Canada. Many of them right in Halifax.
  • Car Loans Canada’s expert service agents can help you get the best rate on your Halifax car loan.
  • We don’t rely on flash sales and artificially deflated rates to get your business. We’re an upfront auto financing company.

Our Open-Minded Lenders Know That You’re More Than Your Credit Score

It wasn’t your fault that your company closed its door and left you without a job. Unfortunately, since you chose eating over credit card bills, banks and credit unions now treat you like a leper. While you’ve been trying to build your credit back up, it’s been a slow and laborious process. But, now that your car has breathed its last, you’re out of time, and your credit score is still woefully short of the 720 mark. While other lenders might penalize those looking for bad credit car loans, we won’t. We work with lenders from all over Canada who are willing to provide car loans to people with bad credit without relying on predatory tacts. So, whether you’re a Haligonian looking for a bad credit car loan, or are a first-time car buyer with no credit history, Car Loans Canada has got you covered.

Live Outside Downtown Halifax and Need a New Car? Car Loans Canada Is Here For You!

There are thousands of people living outside Halifax proper. Regrettably, with nothing but farmland nearby, these Canadians often have to commute long distances to find auto financing. Luckily, that drive’s no longer necessary for those looking for standard or bad credit car loans. Below are a few municipalities we serve outside the HRM:

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