Wondering Why You Should Get Your Auto Financing Through Us and Not One of the Other Guys?

The question posed in the header only takes two words to answer. We’re different. We don’t lure you in with unrealistic acceptance rates and promises we can’t keep. At Car Loans Canada, we keep our promises. And, we work hard to ensure that all Albertans, from Calgary to Bon Accord, can afford a safe, reliable car. Curious about what else sets us apart? Below are six things that separates us from our competition:

  • With us, you can have a car in as little as 24 hours.
  • You can fill out our application in just two minutes.
  • Car Loans Canada works with over 300 lenders. Many of them based out of Alberta.
  • We’re a good place to get bad credit car loans.
  • Unlike a lot of our competitors, we’re here to help, not swindle.
  • Our expert service agents know the ins and outs of Alberta car loans.

Are You Looking for a Bad Credit Car Loan? Car Loans Canada’s Got You Covered

If you have bad credit, you’re not alone. There are roughly seven million Canadians in the same boat. Just like you, they ended up behind on their bills and at the mercy of the credit bureaus. Now, like all the subpar creditors who came before, you’re having a tough time getting auto financing. And, when you do, you’re stuck with a sky-high interest rate. We get it. You’re human. And, for better or for worse, humans aren’t perfect. At Car Loans Canada, we specialize in second chances. That’s why we seek out lenders who specialize in bad credit car loans. So, go ahead and apply. You’ll probably get approved. Or, if you’d rather build your credit first, that’s fine too! We have plenty of resources available. You can click here to check out our application.

Can I Get a Bad Credit Car Loan If I Live in the Middle of Nowhere?

Urban, metro, or rural, it doesn’t matter! We finance people throughout Alberta! Below is just a small sampling of the communities we serve:

Ready to Tear Through The Streets in a Car You Can be Proud Of?

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